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The Cornwall Works WISE Awards 2012

"The strength and legacy of our economic regeneration programmes lies in empowering people to utilise their talents and self belief they 'they can' and give them the opportunity to do so", Carleen Kelemen, Director of the Convergence Partnership Office.


Celebrating Achievements at the Cornwall Works WISE Awards 2012


There were tears, celebrations and rapturous applause at the Cornwall Works WISE awards held at the Headland Hotel, Newquay on 9th May. The awards celebrated excellence in employment and skills activity in Cornwall, paying tribute to very best of Cornwall’s providers, employers and individuals. The event was chaired by Carleen Kelemen, Director of the Convergence Partnership Office, herself the recipient of an Outstanding Achievement Award.

This year marks the fifth birthday for the Cornwall Works WISE Awards, which also highlight the important role that the European Social Fund (at present through the ESF Convergence Programme) is playing in employment, skills and training and innovation across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Carleen Kelemen
Surf Action

A buzz of anticipation rippled through the guests and spirits were high as they arrived at the awards ceremony, held overlooking the beautiful Cornish coast in Newquay. Not even the sea mist could dampen the atmosphere! 

A hush descended as Carleen Kelemen introduced the awards, outlining what the Cornwall Works WISE awards stand for (Welfare to Work, Innovation, Skills and Employers), and how they are designed to “celebrate achievements”. 

She also explained the link with “Europe Day” (being held on the same day), highlighting the massive benefits brought to Cornwall through European investment such as ESF (European Social Fund - at present through ESF Convergence programme).

Carleen remembered some of the successes over the previous year including First Women awards for Carolyn Webster and Bev Hurley as well as national recognition by the BBC for local project Surf Action.

Cornwall Works has also been recognised by the Cabinet Office as a model of good practice and their video was shown to the guests.

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Angus Gray - Head of European Social Fund Division - speaks to the Cornwall Works WISE awards guests

Angus Gray peppered his speech with humour and brought to life a complex subject engaging everyone in the hall from partners to individuals. He describes the impact ESF Convergence has had on the lives of people and outlined some thoughts for the future, encouraging the guests to start lobbying him with ideas for the next round of ESF funding “bring me solutions not problems” stated Angus.

He finished by celebrating Cornwall Works and commented that it had been an “..inspiring and interesting way to the spend the morning”.

Podcast: Listen to an interview from the awards day with Angus Gray here.....

Chris Pomphret

Chris Pomfret, chair of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership

Chris described his commitment to economic development in Cornwall whilst still ensuring that Cornwall keeps the essence of everything that already makes it an aspirational place to live and work.  He outlined his aim to ‘hide the wiring’ - simplifying the process to find relevant support and also said:
“If you don’t celebrate success, and to some extent celebrate failure if it was well done, you will not get transformational change. And we need transformational change in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. So it is an absolute delight to be part of something that is celebrating success.”

The Winners!

Shilpa Jain
Carolyn Webster and Jayne Cotterill

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Those recognised for the outstanding work were:

Welfare to Work - Individual Award Winner:  Jon
After an illustrious but traumatic career in military service Jon suffered from PTSD. Being referred to the Active Plus project became a turning point for Jon and he now uses his knowledge and experience to help others.  

Welfare to Work - Organisation/Project Award Winner:  DISC (Drop in and Share Centre), Camborne
DISC is a charity that offers support to vulnerable adults and has achieved great successes in supporting people into college and paid employment.

Innovation - Individual Award Winner:  Shilpa Jain
Shilpa joined TRAC Services through  Unlocking Cornish Potential and impressed her employers by creating a bespoke induction package that modernised the company’s training programme.

Innovation - Project/group/organisation: Clear about Carbon
Clear about Carbon developed a one day literacy course which has been adapted by a national government department and is now taking its carbon literacy message into procurement in the heart of business and government. 

Skills - Individual Award Winner:  Karl Jones
Karl Jones is the Training and Assessment Chef at Fifteen Cornwall and Karl’s perseverance and support was recognised as being a key ingredient in the success of the programme. 

Skills - Project, Group, Organisation: Devon and Cornwall Training Provider Network
Devon and Cornwall Training Provider Network has recently produced top quality toolkit of resources about apprenticeships and has been a true supporter of Jobcentre Plus in helping them to take on their new responsibilities within the skills agenda.

Employers - Welfare to Work Winner:  Kernow Mill
Kernow Mill is a company that has had a long term impact on the economy and has played an important role in helping local people back to work. The company is recognised as going the extra step to help Jobcentre Plus customers into work.

Employers - Skills Award Winner:  Cornwall Airport Ltd
Cornwall Airport Ltd - better known locally as Newquay Cornwall Airport, was recognised for its outstanding commitment to training and upskilling its workforce.

Blair Thompson Partnership Award: Jayne Cotterill, External Funding Manager for Cornwall Council
Carolyn Webster said of Jayne, “This individual really understands what partnership is all about and has used her skills and knowledge over the last 20 years to bring millions of pounds of investment into Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to tackle challenges from bullying to worklessness, from child poverty to support for the over 50s”.

Carleen Kelemen wins Outstanding Achievement Award

Carleen Kelemen, Director of the Convergence Partnership Office for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, has won the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Cornwall Works WISE awards 2012.

Ms Kelemen came to Cornwall as Director of the Objective One Partnership Office for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly in 2000. She remained when Convergence succeeded Objective One and will be finishing in June following a change in communication structures.

Richard Bayly, formerly of Government Office South West as well as personal friend of Ms Kelemen and himself winner of the Outstanding Achievement award in 2011, made the presentation.

Describing Ms Kelemen as previously having lead ‘a distinguished career in consultancy and industry’ he said of her work with the private sector, “She advised and coached and encouraged and became a deep and trusted friend and advocate and champion. “

Mr Bayly continued, “Carleen knew that however great Cornwall’s achievements were no one would give credit if they did not know about it. So telling the story became key, to Brussels, to Ministers, to Parliamentarians and Bureaucrats, to Councillors to Citizens. And she made sure the stories of success were not – most of the time- told by politicians or officials but by the people affected, the businesses, the students, the people coming out of unemployment, the people starting business and dreaming of a better Cornwall for their grandchildren….

"She created a voice for Cornwall without over focussing the role on herself, which in itself says volumes about her modesty and humility and her sense of wider service. This modesty may be what made her such a powerful and natural and committed believer in doing things by and in Partnership.

“Carleen lives, works and breaths a faith that we can all do better today, tomorrow and into our futures. She is also a wonderful role model for a rich diverse life, working hard and enjoying leisure, focussed at work and committed at home. She enjoys the good things of life but way beyond that she loves people: friends, colleagues and casual encounters all glow in the aura she exudes of positivity and caring and generosity of heart.”

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